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Supporting Yakima's Immigrant Communities  |  News  |  Contact Us

COVID Response

COVID-19 Health Information in Spanish

Coronavirus Benefits for People without Immigration Status in Washington State – English
Información sobre las prestaciones de asistencia publica para personas sin estatus migratorio – Español

Please share with community members who may not have access to information in Spanish.

Proteccion en su empleo en el tiempo de 19

Cómo usar una mascarilla volante

Guia de capacitación sobre COVID-19 para los empleadores

Pruebas para trabajadores volante

Trabaje sano volante

Viajando y COVID-19 volante

Mantén COVID-19 uera del trabajo volante

COVID-19 Endangers Immigrants in Detention

Resolution and Precautionary Measure regarding Northwest Detention Center – Inter-American Commission on Human Rights and the Organization of American States, July 27, 2020

ICE under pressure to release detainees threatened by coronavirus – The Hill, April 1, 2020

‘Any day the sickness will arrive.’ ICE detainees in Tacoma brace for coronavirus – KUOW / NPR – April 1, 2020

Courts’ Responses to the Covid-19 Crisis – Brennan Center for Justice, March 30, 2020

We Are Like Sitting Ducks – The Atlantic, March 28, 2020

ICE Is Ignoring Recommendations to Release Immigrant Detainees to Slow the Spread of Coronavirus – Mother Jones, March 20, 2020

13 changes to the US immigration system during the coronavirus pandemic – CNN, March 20, 2020

What coronavirus means for tens of thousands of people in ICE custody – CNN, March 19, 2020

‘Recipe For Disaster:’ The Spread Of Coronavirus Among Detained Populations  – MSNBC, March 18, 2020

Groups ask court to order ICE to release sick, elderly immigrants at risk of coronavirus – CBS News, March 16, 2020

Masks for Farm & Warehouse Workers

Thank you to the many volunteers who sewed masks for the essential workers in Yakima’s immigrant community!

Our Essential Workers Need the Community’s Support!

Social Distancing Advice

Please share this Spanish translation of Social Distancing Advice with community members who may not have access to Covid-19 Messaging in Spanish.

We can all do our part to protect our essential workers in the Yakima Valley!