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Supporting Yakima's Immigrant Communities  |  News  |  Contact Us


Supporting Immigrant Communities in the Yakima Valley

DACA Reinstated!

Learn more on the Northwest Immigrant Rights Project DACA page


COVID-19 Health Information in Spanish

Download health materials in Spanish on our COVID-19 Response page.


ICE Flights to Yakima

Community volunteers continue to observe the weekly transfer of detainees from the Tacoma ICE Detention Center to the border for deportation at the McCormick Air Center.

Once/Twice  a week since May 2019 ICE has transfered detainees to/from border towns through the Yakima airport.

Learn more about the ICE Flights through Yakima.

Training Community Allies

Raid Response Verifiers and Accompaniment Training in Yakima Valley

We are planning several upcoming Trainings in Yakima and the Lower Valley in the coming months. If you want to attend, please contact us.


What Does YIRN Do?

Support our Immigrant Communities through:



Accompaniment is rooted in the shared humanity of all individuals and recognizes that everyone has a right to due process and equal access to justice. Learn more about Accompaniment in Yakima.

Know Your Rights … if stopped in your car

English  | Español

ICE Raid Hotline

If you see activities that might be an ICE raid, call the WAISN hotline number to report!




Use this Hotline to report Active ICE Raids and suspected immigration detention activity in Washington State.

The WAISN hotline is staffed by volunteers between 6:00 am and 9:00 pm.