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Supporting Immigrant Communities in the Yakima Valley

Advocacy Alerts

ICE Flights to Yakima

In Yakima, ICE Air flights bring money, fear and division: The flights were banned from Seattle’s Boeing Field by county government. Could the same happen in Central Washington? – CrossCut – May 22, 2019

Community speaks out against ICE-chartered flights in Yakima – Yakima Herald – May 22, 2019

People want ICE flights out of Yakima to stop  – KNDU – May 22, 2019

ICE Flights continue – KEPR News – May 21, 2019

ICE flights continue in Yakima with more people picked up Tuesday – Yakima Herald – May 14, 2019

Yakima now a regular stop for ICE flights –  Yakima Herald – May 10, 2019

ICE flight lands in Yakima to drop off, pick up undocumented immigrants – Yakima Herald – May 9, 2019

Blocked from Boeing Field in Seattle, ICE flies to Yakima instead – CrossCutMay 7, 2019

ICE flights will no longer use Boeing Field – Seattle Times – May 2, 2019

Deported immigrants get flight on ‘ICE Air’ – AP – December 2018 (this was not filmed in Yakima, but it’s EXACTLY what we’re seeing here .. just closer up!)

ICE Air: The Airline You Never Want To Fly  – NPR – September 26, 2018


Read the recent study from UW and news reports on the moving of ICE Mass Deportation Flights to the Yakima Airport!

Hidden in Plain Sight: ICE Air and the Machinery of Mass Deportation – University of Washington Center for Human Rights – April 23, 2019

King County Collaboration with ICE Air Deportation Flights at Boeing Field – University of Washington Center for Human Rights – April 23, 2019


Keep Washington Working

We celebrate the signing of the Keep Washington Working Act on May 21, 2019 which disentangles the government of the State from the Federal government for immigration enforcement purposes. It effectively guarantees that he State will not play an active part in helping remove people from the United States. Initially proposed last year by Senator Wellman, the bill is well supported among the immigrant rights community. Learn more

Real ID

Have you been issued a “Federal Limits Apply” Drivers License or ID Card from the Department of Licensing and want to let more about the restrictions surrounding its use?  Learn more on our Real ID page.

Bus Travel and Customs Border Patrol

Please prepare any family members and friends who may be traveling by bus  – so they know their rights!  Learn more about CBP and Bus Travel & Know Your Rights during Travel.


Upcoming Trainings

Raid Response Verifiers Training in Yakima Valley

We are planning several upcoming Verifier Trainings in Yakima and the Lower Valley in the coming months. If you want to attend, please contact us.

Know Your Rights … if stopped in your car

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ICE Raid Hotline

If you see activities that might be an ICE raid, call the WAISN hotline number to report!





Use this Hotline to report Active ICE Raids and suspected immigration detention activity in Washington State.

The WAISN  hotline is staffed by volunteers between 6:00 am and 9:00 pm.

What Does YIRN Do?

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